Activities outside of school

Besides playing sport and attending school I also do a ton of other things.
On this page you can read about some of those things. The most things that I do and have done outside of school and sport have are creative or enterprenour things: That's becuase I am someone who not only wants to play a game but I want to create a game. Most of my friends only gamed at the time. I also liked gaming, but I liked it more to actually ceate something myself. For example everyone of my friends played a game called minecraft.
In minecraft we all played on servers, but I really wanted to make my own server and wanted to discover how everything worked etc. Anotoher example is that almost everyone watches youtube, but I especcialy like it to make youtube video's.
My personal essay is all about this characteristic of me and has to be read to get to know me better.


In my "free" time I spend a lot time on coding. In the sixth grade, I decided that I wanted to build a website. So at the age of ten I made my first website with a online website-builder: I really liked to make this website so I decided I wanted to learn more about websites and so I am now able to make this website. I had a friend who also wanted to learn coding, together we started learning HTML on codeacademy, later we also learned css, javascript, jquery, php and mysql for website building. At the moment I have made around 30 good working websites. The same time I build websites also runned a minecraft server. In the server you could make so called "plugins" and that had to be done with java, so I also learned I little bit of java. I am still building websites, but now also for others. Currently I am building a website for a friend of mine which renovates scooters and one for a relative which sells jackets and bags: and I recently build an schedule-app for the students of my school. Also I am still expanding my code knowledge by my most favorite way building things, for example I am learning java by building an android app and I am learning python by building simple finance and investing scripts. I would really like to spend more time on those projects and when I can I do, but simply by all the other activities I do I have really little time to do these. When I am finished with high school I am planning to spend a whole lot more time on these projects, but also spending more time on soccer.
Later on I also learned python.

I also make websites for some of my friends and family. After my exams I plan to not only make websites for friends and family but also for the public. My promo-website is:

Computer languages that I know: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP, MySql, Python, java and C++.

Computer programms I am known with: Brackets, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, IWeb, MAMP, GeoGebra, Google Sketchup, Wing101, Anaconda-Navigator, Garageband, Ableton Live, Xcode, Terminal, Blender.

Making video's.

Another great passion of mine is making video's. Along with the first website I build I also started making youtube video's on my channel, I made tutorial video's, gaming video's, soccer video's basicly a whole lot different type of video's. I really enjoyed making them and still I do enjoy making video's. Now I make soccer video's, tutorial video's and travel video's(think of skiing, swimming and sightseeing video's). Also besides this channel of my own I also had a channel with another friend (not the same as my website friend) on which we posted game video's, vlogs and much more. We had very much fun together and I think we uploaded over 100 video's. I still make video's(see my soccer highlight video) and really like to do it. On fiverr(a website where enterpreneurs can offer their services) I made a video for a german festival:


I also like to play music. When I was 7 I started playing the piano. I learned the basics and played classical music untill my tenth. When I was ten years old I switched from teacher and began to learn jazz and improvisation at jazzmuziekcollege. Because the lack of time I stopped with the lessons when I was 15 years old, but I still play 2-3 hours a week. At the young age of 7 me and a few friends started some kind of band. Later on I played in another band with 20 others: We practised everyweek and we had a show every 2 months. Then in the sixth grade I asked 3 others to join an another band. The band contained 1 bass-guitar, one guitar and 2 piano players.

Additional Information

My friends and family would say I am an entrepreneur, impulsive, and creative. In addition to computing and sports I like making videos

Work experience

Besides all those things I also have done multiple different kind of jobs.